09 November 2009

Food Journal Week 2, Day 1

When I did my weigh in this morning, I was pleasantly surprised--I've lost 3 pounds! Hopefully this trend will continue!

Holiday Health Nut Challenge:
Breakfast: 2 graham cracker sheets with peanut butter
Lunch: leftover vegetable couscous
Dinner: Lentil-Tofu Soup and sourdough toast with margarine
Other: Apple Pie, 1/2 apple during making of said pie

I'm still doing poorly at getting my 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Somehow I need to make them more accessible when I'm constantly on the run. I also didn't make it to the gym as I had hoped and I don't forsee getting even a workout DVD in because it's so late--way past my bed time!

HFN Holiday Challenge:
  • drink enough water--5 points
  • 30 min incidental activity--5 points
  • eat 3x per day--5 points
  • 6-9 hours of sleep--5 points
  • no junk food--5 points
  • compliment yourself--5 points
  • wear sunscreen--5 points
  • take inventory--5 points
  • eat breakfast from home--10 points
  • eat lunch from home--10 points
  • eat dinner from home--10 points
  • avoid alcohol--10 points
  • drink only water--10 points
  • eat vegetarian for the whole day--15 points

Pictures are coming soon, I promise! I also want to figure out how to post a graph of my pedometer output.

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  1. YAY for 3 pounds!! That's awesome. Keep up the great work.