05 November 2009

Food Journal Day 4

Holiday Health Nut Challenge:
Breakfast: 1 cup cheerios with 1/4 cup raisins
Lunch: 1 slice spinach and mushroom quiche and 1 serving carrots
Dinner: Chicken-broccoli-tortollini soup and 2 corn bread squares
Dessert: Coffee with 2 tbsp french vanilla creamer and 1 slice pumpkin pound cake
Other: ~1 handful total of toasted pumpkin seeds

Since my class was cancelled this morning, I decided to attend a body sculpt class at the gym. I felt really good about myself afterwards because I was able to do most of the moves with only a few modifications and I didn't really wimp out on any of the moves until the end of the class. I also learned that I have really horrible balance, especially when doing lunges. Maybe this is because of my injured foot? I wasn't too sore after the class, but now I'm starting to get stiff. I did my best to stretch, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hurting tomorrow, which is unfortunate because I can't take any more pain killers! Since I don't have to work tomorrow morning, I think I'm going to try the beginner's step class again. I'm kinda bored with the bike machine, but need to get cardio in there somehow!

HFN Holiday Challenge Points:
  • Drink enough water--5 points
  • Perform 30 minutes of incidental activity--5 points
  • Eat at least 3 times a day--5 points
  • Get 6-9 hours of sleep--5 points
  • Look in the mirror and compliment yourself--5 points
  • Wear sunscreen--5 points
  • Take inventory--5 points
  • 30 minutes of dedicated exersize--10 points
  • Eat breakfast prepared at home--10 points
  • Eat lunch prepared at home--10 points
  • Eat dinner prepared at home--10 points
  • Stretch before bed--10 points
  • Avoid alcohol--10 points
  • Work out with someone else--15 points
  • Go to a new group exercise class--20 points

Today's total: 130 points

That's the highest number of points I've reached in one day since I started this challenge! One thing I'm finding it hard to earn points on is eating 5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day. I came close today with 4 servings, but I will have to work harder on this point. I've also picked out a book to read for the challenge, which will earn me 30 points when I finish it--Life At These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson. I also picked up The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, by Alan Sillitoe, but it's really short, so I figured I wouldn't count that one. It's certainly an interesting read, though!

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