06 November 2009

Food Journal Day 5

Breakfast: 2 graham crackers with peanut butter (<2tbsp)
Lunch: Spinach and mushroom quiche
Dinner: at least 1 cup of white rice, chicken curry (sortof)
Other: mini skittles and mini snickers, several toasted pumpkin seeds

So to explain the whole dinner thing, my husband and I made a chicken curry dish and it was way more spicy than I expected. So I'm not sure how much of mine I ate; I wound up eating plain rice to cool down my mouth. I also definitely reached my 80oz of water! The rest of what was on my plate got packaged up and will be a weekday lunch for my husband.

Wow, am I really sore from that body sculting class I went to yesterday. I am definitely aware that my butt is a muscle and I'm sure I waddle a little when I walk. Hopefully I will be much less sore tomorrow, as I will be standing for most of the day parking cars for the football game (yay). Despite my soreness, I managed to make it to the beginner step class at the gym this morning and I even survived the whole hour, though I was definitely more tired than the last time I took the class.

I remembered to take a picture of the quiche today at lunch, so I will try and post that sometime this weekend. Off to bed I go, considering I have to leave at 5am tomorrow to park cars.

On a totally random note, I say 'definitely' a lot; I should find another word...

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