13 June 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I'm so glad that summer is here.  Want to know why?  Because that means the farmer's markets have returned!  I'm lucky enough to have three local markets on three consecutive days (Wed-Fri).  I could also go to a market on Saturday morning if I wanted to drive a little further.  And I can't forget what I'm growing in my garden, though nothing is ready to pick yet.

The broccoli and carrots came from the local student organic farm.  We've already eaten the broccoli (note this menu plan starts at the end of last week) and it was amazing!  I'm sure the carrots will be equally tasty.  I'm planning on using the carrot fronds in my first ever green smoothie this week.  I hope I like it!

B - Baked Oatmeal
L - PBJ Sandwiches
D - Ranch Chicken, Rice, Steamed Broccoli

B - Baked Oatmeal
L - BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Cheez-Its
D - Out

B - Cereal
L - Leftovers
D - Pasta Bake, Salad

B - Green Smoothie
L - Tuna Sandwich, Pretzels
D - Black Beans & Rice, Steamed Carrots

B - Green Smoothie
L - Leftovers
D - Cream Cheese Chicken, Steamed Carrots

B - Yogurt
L - Leftovers
D - Sloppy Joes, Salad

B - Cereal
L - Leftovers
D - Franks & Rice, Corn

Check out the rest of Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Organizing Junkie! What is your family eating this week?

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  1. I love reading your blog, Amy! It inspires me to do some of the same things at my house. I totally forgot about the organic farmer's market at Clemson. I'm going to have to get over there this week.