18 June 2011

Love List I

In general, I feel like I complain too much and don't focus on the things I am thankful for in my life.  So, I'm joining Bonzai Aphrodite in creating a love list each week:
  1. Getting up early to read journal articles.  Getting things accomplished before Adelaide wakes up.  God has blessed me with a child that likes to sleep in with her daddy, which means I've been able to get in 2-3 hours of PhD work before she wakes up and I don't miss spending any time with her.
  2. Walking with friends in the Botanical Gardens.  Just what I needed several times this week.  Thanks guys!
  3. Sleeping on my stomach.  I was a dedicated stomach sleeper before I was pregnant and it was hard learning to sleep on my side.  Now I'm thankful that it's once again comfortable enough to do so.
What's on your love list?

1 comment:

  1. Right now, coffee. With Bailey's. I generally don't even drink all that much, but it can up my productivity significantly. There is a fresh pot in the kitchen right now, yay!

    And even more, when Jordan comes home in the afternoon. I'm glad he has a normal job with regular hours. Not sure how military wives do it!