03 May 2010

Weekly Meal Plan

Last night we had a few friends over to celebrate me completing all the course requirements for my PhD.  We made hamburgers and baked french fries from scratch, which turned out extremely well.  Check out what we'll be eating for dinner the rest of the week:

Monday: My mom's recipe for lentil soup

Tuesday: Chicken Marsala and spaghetti

Wednesday: Out to eat for Cinco de Mayo!

Thursday: Greek Cod with corn-on-the-cob and rice

Friday: Frozen pizza

Saturday and Sunday we'll be on my first backpacking trip, but we haven't decided what we're going to eat yet.  My husband wants to do prepared meal packs you buy at sporting goods stores, but I'm convinced there's a healthier, cheaper, better way.  We'll see who wins.

We will also be making strawberry ice cream with my new Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment. We had planned to have that ready last night for our guests, but didn't read the recipe all the way through before we started (you'd think I'd have learned that lesson by now), and it wouldn't have been done until about 3am. So we had grain-free brownies instead. Check back for my review later this week!

I'm doing my best to remain gradually make better eating choices.  So, what's a healthy meal choice at a Mexican restaurant?  I was thinking fajitas, but I don't really like peppers and onions in that quantity.  Any other thoughts? 

What do your dinner plans look like this week?

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