23 May 2011

Setting Goals

There are many times when I sit and daydream about how I wish my life was different.  Sometime this can be encouraging, while other times it is a destructive waste of time.  That being said, I'm a big fan of setting both short- and long-term goals and so is Regina Leeds.

Changes in my life that I hope to see after I learn how to manage my time:
  1. I protect myself by planning my life at least one week at a time.
  2. Work, school, family, and personal time are all balanced.
  3. I do not procrastinate doing things that I don't enjoy. (And the corollary, "I've learned to say 'no'".)
  4. My advisor is proud of my work as a PhD student and I am a role model for other research group members.
  5. Adelaide is on a schedule.
  6. Spencer and I have quality time together.
What goals do you have in your life right now?

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