12 March 2010

Eating Habits

I started this week off really well with eating and exercise, but these last two days I have made some really bad eating choices.  I'm using self.com to track my eating, exercise, etc.  I've tracked my eating before by keeping my own food journal, but have never been concerned with calories.  I never realized how much (or little) I was eating!  Very insightful.  I'm not going to beat myself up over the choices I've made this week, but focus on making those sorts of decisions less often.

On a site note, I'm trying to train for a triathalon.  Since I can't run, I'm using an elliptical, unless my doctor tells me that's out, too.  Swimming is harder for me.  My normal gym doesn't have an inside pool and it's still to cold to swim outside.  Plus, it's a really dinky pool.  The university has a pool, but open swim hours aren't that convenient and I talk myself out of going there frequently.  There has to be a better solution. 

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