12 October 2009

Goal #1 Update

On my very first blog, I established a set of goals I set for myself, the first one being:

1. Return to my pre-wedding clothes size.
a. Work my way back into a running program.
b. Portion control
c. Prepare meals from scratch with organic/local/environmentally friendly ingredients
d. Drink eight 8oz. glasses of water a day
e. Take a multivitamin and calcium chew every day

So how am I doing with the very first goal I set myself? Well, I've started a new running routine and am supposed to run a 5k on halloween. However, last week my knee and ankle started hurting when I tried to increase my mileage. Since I have a tendency to get injured, I'm going to back of the mileage for a little while. It may wind up that I have to walk a lot of that 5k, but at least I'll finish it!

My husband and I somehow managed to fit a gym membership into our tight budget, and until last week we had been really good about using it almost every day. I think last week we both lost motivation. For my part, I am frustrated because I've been doing all this working out and I'm not seeing the scale budge or much of a change in my body shape. I also get bored really easily, so I think I need to try out some different weight lifting machines.

Portion control is still an issue for me. I've even tried using a small dessert plate, but that doesn't help if I keep going back for seconds (or thirds). I think my lack of self control is at its worst when I'm eating dinner at church. I'm not sure how to remedy this--eat slower, drink more water?

My husband and I have been doing fairly well with cooking from scratch, although I haven't taken any pictures of our yummy creations recently. I did find some pictures of the feast we prepared for Cinco de Mayo, though, that I never posted!

Honestly, I haven't been keeping track of how much water I've been drinking, but I'm certain it's not anywhere near enough. I also left all my vitamins at my parents house when I moved back here and I haven't bought a new stash. Vitamins are expensive!

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  1. I'm thinking about training for a 5K in March. Just do what's best for yourself, and remember that finishing is the key, no matter how much you need to walk to get it done! :)