14 July 2009

I Love Running

I love running, but I forgot.

I went for a walk this evening all by myself. I'm working on achieving 10,000 steps a day, which is harder than it sounds. At least I think it's harder than it sounds. Anyways, before I knew it, I was walking faster and faster until I broke into a jog. Without anyone with me and without any music or other distractions, I was able to focus on how good it made me feel to run again. I miss running.

I still felt some twinges of pain in my legs, but I suspect that may have been partly due to me not wearing my running shoes. The real test will be tomorrow. We'll see if I can walk normally or not.

And in case you're wondering, I didn't reach my 10,000 step goal. I'm just shy with 9,405, but you know what? I'm ok with that.


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