16 February 2010

Valentine's Day

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend.  First of all, we finally got some snow!!  It has been torturing us to hear how the DC Metro area has almost 6 feet of snow when we had nothing.  Unfortunately, it all melted within 24 hours, but it was nice while it lasted.  I'm still holding out for some more, though!

On Saturday night, we went to a local non-profit theatre to see their production of Macbeth.  I know, really romantic.  But, we both loved it.  I hadn't read that play since middle school and my husband had never read it.  I still have a hard time understand Shakespearian language sometimes, but seeing it acted out obviously helps tremendously.  We're looking forward to seeing other productions there in the future.  Yay for local theatre!

On Sunday after we returned home from church, we snuggled on the couch to watch the Olympics before getting all dressed up for dinner.  We went to the Melting Pot and had a fabulous time!  There was a set 5-course menu (read - way too much food) that was amazing.  They also took our picture and gave us a magnet frame for it along with those refridgerator words.  I also got to take home the yellow rose that was on our table.

We returned home to watch more of the Olympics before I passed out at 9 or 10pm.

How was your Valentine's Day?

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  1. Ours was pretty boring, but we got to spend time together just the two of us, so that was good. :)

    I love Melting Pot...and I never leave there (or rather, have never left there, since I've only been twice my entire life) without feeling stuffed. :)