10 December 2009

Random Thoughts

I find myself thinking all the time about things I want to blog about, usually when I'm driving in the car. But when I get back to my computer, I've completely forgotten it all! So right now, I'm going to try and do a brain dump. Hopefully I'll be able to elaborate in future posts.

  • I'm making progress in physical therapy. I even got to run in place on a trampoline yesterday!
  • Christmas decorations: we bought our first Christmas tree, I made an advent wreath, and I'm trying to knit our Christmas stockings.
  • I'm confused about what direction I should be going with my life.
  • I restarted my part-time job.
  • I think I need to do some reading on time management, but not until I study and take my geology final tomorrow night!
  • I "quit" one of my challenges.

I have quite a bunch of pictures ready and waiting on my camera. Hopefully I can add them and update recipes as well.

I'm not going to promise to elaborate on these thoughts later, but I'll do my best!

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